So I literally/figuratively haven’t had friends in a year

And that’s pretty shitty and I’m just now realizing it which makes it worse somehow? I mean, I have my best friend that I get to see almost never, and my boyfriend, and a couple friends from my hometown that I hardly ever see, but that’s it. And it’s just one of those moments where you realize “holy shit, I am pathetic, why can’t I be a properly functioning human being who talks to people.” I’ve lived in this city for a year and a half and I have not made a single friend. And it was my freshman year of college which is when you’re supposed to be all social and meet people. So… yeah. Oops.










#yeah ok #you ”like the pizza” #right right #death lbr you just have a huge dumb soft spot for dean winchester like 85 miles wide #and wanna spoil him rotten #oh you want your brother’s soul back? #welllll i don’t usually do things like this but omg pls i’ll make an exception for you dean #dean i don’t like it when people try to bind me and make me kill rampaging angels #but i’ll let you off the hook this time because i like you so much #hm okay chicago can stay since you ask #because i ~like the pizza #DEATH PLS YOU JUST LIKE DEAN (via chainedtocastiel)




Death X Dean is my BroTP

OMG, how sad is that? The fandom’s gone and made Death a father figure to Dean. Freaking DEATH people. I just can’t anymore.

I don’t even have to mention the fact that 

1) He gave Dean an opportunity by assigning Dean a duty
2) So that Dean could learn
3) When Dean failed, he didn’t punish or called the agreement off
4) He just taught Dean more and finally retrieved Sam’s soul for Dean

So, yeah. Death has a soft spot for Dean. After God has been missing for years, who else has the nerve to step up to him? 

Maybe it was all those times he randomly died on that Tuesday.

I wouldn’t say “father figure” but I think, as a reaper, Death is able to feel Dean’s soul. He feels the pain, the weight, the darkness…

I think Death has seen enough death and pain and destruction in his existence to recognise when a man doesn’t need another load of it. Death sure does have a soft spot for Dean… He wants him to recognise his mistakes and learn from them, and Death does it with a patient and gentle hand and without raising his voice once.